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Class 6

Summer term 2024



In English this term, we are going to be consolidating previous units learnt earlier on in the year and thinking about how our language/features//tone will change or stay the same depending on our audience and purpose. We are going to be working on:

  • Writing instructions on how to construct an electrical circuit (comparing writing to a child and adult audience).
  • A dialogue between Harry and Dobby based on Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.
  • Writing a first person story based on the Literacy Shed video 'Alma'.


What is an Electric Circuit? - Symbols, Formulas & ExamplesHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2) : Rowling, J. K.: BooksAlma | All Souls' Catholic Primary School



In Maths this half term we learning how to measure angles using a protractor and how calculate the interior angles of all kinds of triangles and quadrilaterals.   We will then look how to recognise 3D shape nets and the different measurements of a circle (radius, diameter and circumference). Later in the half term we will be focusing on co-ordinates, how to read co-ordinates on a 4-quadrant grid and how to find missing co-ordinates.  We will also be looking at translating and reflecting shapes and patterns.


Religious Education

In RE this half term the topic from ‘The Way, the Truth & the Life’ is 'Called to Serve.' In this topic we will be learning about Jesus' teaching and example of service and how we should try to be like him. We will be thinking about how God has given us gifts and talents to use in the service of God and people.  In this topic, we also learn about the Sacrament of Confirmation and that through Confirmation, we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit.



In Science, we are looking at light. The unit will look at shadow creation and the effect of changing the object and moving the light source on shadows. We will be observing over time the effect of the Earth's orbit on shadows and how the different positions of the sun affects the shape of shadows. We will end the unit by looking at different light phenomena such as colour filters and rainbows and how these can be explained.


 Rainbows and Halos: Types of Nature's Light Displays | Merriam-WebsterEnvironment Places: 20 Most Incredible Light PhenomenaA Guide to color filter used with B&W Film - The Darkroom Photo Lab



In geography, we are starting a unit of work on ocean currents. This will involve looking at what they are and what factors create them. We will study the effect of plastic pollution on ocean currents and write a persuasive letter involving this. We will also investigate the Atlantic Gulf Stream and what effect the UK climate has on this.


Ocean Currents - WorldAtlas




In history, we will be starting to learn about World War Two. The unit will start by looking at why World War Two was such a significant event in world history. We will also study Adolf Hitler, The United Nations, The League of Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and looking at their role in our world. We will end by studying the Battle of Britain and the Evacuation of Dunkirk and why these were such significant events in World War Two.


Significant Events of World War II > U.S. Department of Defense > StoryFile:Flag-United-Nations-Logo.jpg - WikipediaUniversal Declaration of Human Rights | United Nations



Other subjects:

PE - We are completing a unit on striking and fielding games and activities such as cricket and rounders before moving onto athletics in the Summer 2 term. 

PSHE - We are learning about how to keep ourselves and other safe, including online safety. 

Art - We will be studying art and fashion and how art has influenced fashion in different time periods.

Design Technology - We are learning about food throughout the year, how what we eat and how we prepare our food
changes from season to season.

Computing - We are looking at creating media on Scratch along with what the internet is - learning about different components such as IP addresses, packets and servers.